First Lady hosts End of Year Children’s Party, calls for greater ambition

It was a joyful and fun-filled Sunday for over 200 children who flocked Village Urugwiro for an End of Year Party hosted by First Lady Jeannette Kagame.

The colourful event was attended by children aged between 7 and 12 years, representing others from all 30 districts.

The children enjoyed different games together with officials, sung songs, recited poems and performed traditional dances, before they joined the First Lady in cutting the cake prepared for the celebration.

They also received gifts to wish them a happy end to the year.

Speaking at the event, the First Lady wished them a joyful festive season together with their families, but challenged them to always be ambitious in their lives and aim higher, to set goals and strive to achieve those goals.

Mrs Kagame said the party served to bring together children to interact with her and other officials, and also challenge them to always be open to their parents and guardians, tell them about their daily life, what makes them happy, unhappy and other challenges they may encounter.

“You have different talents in you, I wish to encourage you to continue exploring and make good use of your talents to become more productive,” she said.

“As the year draws closer to the end, we wished to talk to you, so you tell us about what made you happy, what angered you and what are your ambitions in the new coming year,” said the First Lady.

She told the children to have a vision and work hard to achieve that vision.

“There is no life without vision and you are not too young to be productive,” she told the children.

Her Excellency, Mrs Jeannette Kagame with the children's choir from Rwanda Rocks music school, who performed at the end of year children's party

Respect your parents

Mrs Kagame also challenged the children to always plan their daily activities ahead of time and work hard to achieve their planned activities.

“You need to work hard and also make sure that you have time to rest,” she told the attentive children.

She also encouraged them to interact with their parents and guardians to ensure they are aware of their daily activities, their happiness and anger, to support them whenever necessary.

“Don’t hesitate to talk to them about what made you happy and what made you sad or any another challenge so that they can help you, don’t seek support anywhere else,” she said.




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