First Lady hosts children to Christmas party

First Lady Jeannette Kagame is joined by children to cut the cake as part of the annually-held Christmas party at which she hosts children from all corners of the country. Yesterday’s event was held at Village Urugwiro and brought together over 200 children. Courtesy

Two hundred children from across the country were hosted by First Lady Jeannette Kagame for the annual End of Year Children’s Party, at Village Urugwiro on Sunday.

It is an annual culture at Urugwiro to host such parties, where the children have fun; play, sing, are face painted, among others and are given gifts.

The children were accompanied by their parents during the event that was also attended by Unity Club members and Urugwiro staff.

This year saw upcoming star Pacific Ishimwe commonly known as ‘Gaso-G’ entertain his fellow youngsters, while others recited poems of advice and praising Rwanda.

Some children recited cows’ names, ‘kuvuga amazina y’inka’ and others recited poems of their adoration ‘kuvugira inka’.

The ceremony saw the First Lady dance with the children and also got to interact with them.

Brian Rugwiro Musoni and Yasiri Rukundo, who were recognised as young achievers, were given time to share their testimonies with their colleagues.

“I participated in English spelling competitions where I became first in Southern Province and later at the national level. I then went to the international level in the United Arabs Emirates, where I became second.”

He also shared his secret to success.

“What helped me achieve was that I pushed myself to read books, especially those written in English, I believed in myself, obeyed my parents and teachers and prayed to God, because He is first”, Musoni said.

On his part, Rukundo, renowned for fixing a leaking water pipe in Gikondo, a Kigali City neighbourhood, also shared his experience.

He was eight years when he did this extraordinary act in 2017.

“I was taking my sister to school when I passed by a leaking pipe. I then remembered that my father told me that I should always fix damaged things when I come across them. I used a rope that I had just seen, and the leaking stopped.”

“I did not do that because I wanted to be awarded. Surprisingly, I was rewarded one million francs and a bicycle.”

He was rewarded by the water utility company, WASAC.

“I would like to encourage fellow youngsters to safeguard infrastructure, and protect what our elders left for us.”

Among the gifts, children were given storybooks, toys, footballs, and scholastic materials that will help them in their studies, as well as in their homes.

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