Fight corruption and human trafficking, PM tells prosecutors

PM Ngirente poses with prosecutors at the primary level Janvière Mukarusagara (left) and Clarisse Uwitonze after the swearing-in ceremony yesterday. Courtesy.

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente has challenged two newly appointed prosecutors to dedicate their efforts on combating corruption and human trafficking.

He made the remarks on Wednesday while presiding over the swearing in ceremony of the prosecutors at the primary level.

Janvière Mukarusagara and Clarisse Uwitonze were both appointed by the Cabinet on July 11.

They vowed to serve the country with integrity, to respect the constitution, promote human rights, and unity among Rwandans.

Ngirente asked the prosecutors to be characterised by good values and dedicate their time to combating crime  in the country.

“You should be characterised by bravery, integrity and accountability. There are some persisting issues that need more emphasis such as corruption in financial institutions, drug abuse, Gender-Based Violence, among others,” he said.

Clarisse Uwitonze previously worked as deputy prosecutor at inter-mediate level, while Janviere Mukarusagara is new to the profession.

The ceremony was also witnessed by Deputy Prosecutor General, Agnes Mukagashugi, and the State Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Evode Uwizeyimana, among other officials.