Female candidates outshine their male counterparts in TTC national exams

Students of TTC Rubengera in Karongi District on February 11, 2019. All the 16 TTCs were registered while out of 4,069 candidates who were registered 3,938 could sat the exams. Photo: E. Kwizera.

Fifty-eight per cent out of the 3,938 candidates who passed the senior six national exams in Teachers Training Centres for 2019 are female candidates while 39 per cent of them are male.

Overall, 3, 869 it implies that 98 per cent of all candidates passed.

TTC best performers were awarded laptops. All the 16 TTCs were registered while out of 4,069 candidates who were registered 3,938 could sit for the exams.

Among the awarded best performers, Epreve Joselyne, Esron Nishimwe,  and Divine Igiraneza were the best top 3 rewarded by the Minister of State Dr. Isaac Munyakazi

The top three best performing teachers are from TTC Mururu and TTC Save in Rusizi and Gisagara districts respectively.

 TTC Mururu scored 71 aggregates while TTC Save scored 69 aggregates out of 100.

In his remarks, while announcing the results on Monday, December 30, the Minister of State Dr Isaac Munyakazi stressed the importance of strengthening and encouraging teachers.

“These are our future teachers. They are cornerstones of future generations’ education. They need to be encouraged and supported,” he said.

Further support

Apart from rewarding top 10 best performers with laptops, Dr Munyakazi disclosed that students who complete their secondary studies in TTCs, in three years to come, will be facilitated to get full scholarships to the peruse Bachelor’s degrees.

TTC secondary school graduates are usually supposed to spend two years teaching in primary schools before they join university.

A proposal that was mooted in 2018 by the Ministry of Education as it sought to scale up the number of Rwandans enrolling in TTCs and attract more people to pursue a career in teaching.

“We are looking at how we support and strengthen teacher’s education. In three years we will start to facilitate them with scholarships to universities,” he said.

Teacher Training Colleges were created in Rwanda with a mission to train qualified pre/primary school, teachers. To help teachers get qualifications, in 2013, the College of Education was initiated introduced at the University of Rwanda. 


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