FEATURED: SONARWA GI Appreciates its Clients at a Corporate Gala Dinner

More than 350 guests turned up at Serena Hotel on January 10, 2019 for a corporate gala dinner organized by SONARWA General and SONARWA Life Assurance to celebrate, with their clients, last year’s achievements and to wish them a Prosperous 2019. The event, which started at 6pm, brought together elegant and corporate women and men in Rwanda’s marketplace.

After the CEO of SONARWA General Insurance Mr. Tony Twahirwa introduced his Management team, he handed over to Mrs. Iza Irame, the Chairperson of SONARWA General Insurance who addressed the guests by extending warm seasonal greetings to clients on behalf of Board of Directors, the entire SONARWA Family, and herself, wishing them the best into the New Year 2019!

“This evening, we want to appreciate you, our distinguished stakeholders for entrusting us with your wealth and businesses’ safety. We are very grateful to have you all here for this gala and, as we celebrate, we want to be sure that you remember us all year long and we will also make sure that we give you a lot more this year as we celebrate other achievements along the way,” she said.

Madam Iza also took the guests through the history of the company since its inception in 1975 and thanked pioneer corporate clients such as BRALIRWA, SULFO Rwanda, RWANDEX, BENALCO, OCIR-THE, among others.  Though most of them have changed names and revamped into other brands, she highly thanked those that are still with them to this day such as Bralirwa who have continued to be loyal to Sonarwa General Insurance Company.

The Chairperson went ahead to acknowledge that along the way, where the company could have had some think and thin (interruptive moments) in the businesses, she gave great thanks to one of our shareholder, - RSSB, who not only was among the Pioneer 7 shareholders in 1975, but also as at today, still the majority shareholder.

“We very much appreciate our government that has worked tirelessly to strengthen the financial sector that we belong to. From 1975 to 1982, we enjoyed statutory monopoly. Today, we have a number of carriers in the market. This leaves us with the challenge to strive for improvement every passing day.” She said

At SONARWA GI, we have posed to embrace the digital world in serving you our esteemed customers, thus becoming faster, convenient, accessible and above all, efficient. “With the recapitalization of the company, we have managed to pay most of our biggest claims, hired the best brains on the market for senior management positions,” she revealed, adding that the company commits to becoming Rwanda’s Insurer of First Choice by excelling in business best practices including new innovations, new & customizable products and service delivery through the years to come.

While addressing the guests, the Rwanda Social Security Board Director General, Richard Tusabe, complimented SONARWA for satisfying the needs of its clients over the years.  “We, as shareholders, are happy to say that SONARWA has scaled up its game in terms of products and is satisfying its clients’ needs. This has been possible because it has strategically placed agents in all districts across the country promoting their products,” said Tusabe. He also praised the institution for its contribution to nation building through paying taxes.“It is 43 years since its inception and throughout SONARWA has contributed to nation building and has filled the gap in real estate. This has been possible because of the determined and dedicated staff and support from the government,” he added.  

“As we celebrate tonight, let’s all cheer to our New Year resolutions – serving you our customers even better.” She closed.