FEATURED: Shram Impex Ltd launches E-commerce platform

Shram Impex Ltd has launched an online platform to help consumers get the necessary products easily without making long distance to markets or trading centres.

Launched last Friday on December 7, 2018, https://starmartz.com web portal is a new platform that will ensure consumers get whatever they need online by only visiting their website/App.  

Consumers can get over 25,000 products on the platform, which includes electronics, home appliances, garments and books to mention but a few categories.

The platform will enable consumers to get different variety of products they want unlike others that have limited products.

The app will be available for download from 13th December 2018 on any smart phone. It has exceptionally large number of commodities on display, according to its managers.

According to Mr. Shyam Agarwal, the Managing Director of Shram Impex Ltd, the platform will save consumers time and money, adding that the development is in line with the government’s policy to promote the use of digital technology in all sectors.

“The Web Portal/App will allow the consumers to do online payment using their Credit/Debit card, Mobile Money (MoMo) and QR code,” he said.

He encourages everyone to embrace the development of such a kind of digital technology, adding that certain products are exclusively available on this platform.

Attending the launching ceremony, Mr. Jishind Kakkadath, Assistant Manager-Marketing at Sulfo Rwanda Industries Ltd, said that use of technology has been improving the market landscape, adding that optimism remain that the evolution will only continue making the shopping experience better.

“The development of technology has eased availability of goods and services. Nowadays people are having access to purchase products on the go, where ever they are. This results not only in saving of travel time, but also selecting and purchasing the correct product required by the consumer, he said.

The platform aims at helping the users to get access to the digital market by promoting online buying and selling culture among different groups of people in the country and beyond.