FEATURED: RSSB commits to do preserve evidence about genocide planning in the former social security board

Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) says that it is conducting research to find out evidence about how genocide ideology and planning of its execution carried in the former institution.

It was revealed while remembering its former 19 staff  who were killed during 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

According to   Innocent Rurangwa the Dirctor of Quality Assurance and Audit at RSSB who worked in the former Caisse Social ,a team has been established to investigate all facts about the genocide ideology that led to the death of genocide victims.

“For instance we have already discovered one document in which their names were filed together in one drawer and we have also evidence about the book that used to sort out and register  ethnics in the institution. This shows discrimination that was based on genocide ideology,” he said.

He said there also used to be intimidation against the Tutsi accusing them of conspiracy while others could be fired from job or lack access to promotion.

According to Edouard Ndayambaje  , one of the staff who  was not hunted during the genocide witnessed that there was also a book in  which each person could be classified based on false accusations and blaming to work with Inkotanyi.

“There are so many evidence about genocide ideology because  80 per cent had to be Hutu  and 14 per cent as Tutsi staff. Even during the recruitment of staff, they could seek way on how to ensure Tutsi do not win and include people who did not win the exam for job. I remember one that one  examiner was threatened because Tutsis were found with good results,” he said.

Jonathan Gatera, the Director General of RSSB said the current staff should work differently from some of the former ones who would support discrimination.

“We need staff who can trigger positive change for our development and people’s welfare. Former Caisse Social du Rwanda was one of the three biggest institutions in Rwanda and it is still taken as one of the big institution that should participate in building peace and ensuring social welfare of all Rwandans without discriminating. All people must work together to ensure genocide never happens again,” he said.

He added that the institution has been providing various supports to the genocide survivors including eight orphans of the 19 genocide victims in the institution.

Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, the president of Remembering Umbrella ‘Ibuka’ said: “we have to work together, embrace healing initiatives to ensure genocide survivors do not feel solitary and that judgements are executed to help them recover their plundered properties during genocide. It is part of dealing with genocide effects for the survivors. Joint efforts are needed to fight against people who are still seeking to inculcate genocide ideology,” he said


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