FEATURED: Notice of the sale of Nobilis Hotel

This is to inform the General Public that the Management of SONARWA Life Assurance Company Ltd, is looking to sale its property (NOBILIS Hotel) to an interested buyer, the property is a four-star hotel comprising of 61 bedrooms, the hotel is constructed on Plot 712 & part of Plot 711, located along KN 16 Avenue, Kiyovu Cell, Nyarugenge-Kigali.

The Management of Sonarwa Life, therefore, wishes to invite eligible bidders to submit their offers for the acquisition of the Nobilis Hotel.


Interested bidders are requested to submit the following:

  1. Submit the buyer’s profile and identification documents;

  2. Submit their financial offers secured with a password (clearly indicating the acquisition price VAT Exclusive) sent directly to the procurement committee at procurementlife@sonarwa.co.rw with a copy to simon.munyaneza@sonarwa.co.rw and the password should be sent directly to alixie.sebeza@sonarwa.co.rw not later than 13th April 2020 at 3:00 pm. Late offers shall not be considered;

  3. Provide a bank guarantee of Two Hundred Million – FRW 200,000,000 from a reputable commercial bank or financial institution acceptable by the seller;

  4. Provide a recommendation of the financier willing to finance the purchase of the hotel, indicating the contact person and details of his address (e-mail address, telephone contact, and full physical address);

  5. Willing to deposit a refundable amount of fifty million FRW (50,000,000) to our bank account Number: 00040-0201677-47 Bank of Kigali, the deposit should be done within two days after the notification and before the commencement of negotiations with the seller.

Only offers that shall conform to the aforementioned terms and conditions shall be evaluated and only those that pass the evaluation stage and conform to (e) shall be invited for negotiations.

The seller reserves all rights to communicate only to the successful bidder until the deal is closed and all the other bidders shall be informed of the final outcome.

In case of clarifications needed, don’t hesitate to contact the procurement committee on procurementlife@sonarwa.co.rw with a copy to simon.munyaneza@sonarwa.co.rw with tel: 0788350410.

Done at Kigali 02/04/2020.

Yours sincerely,

Simon MUNYANEZA, Chairman of the Procurement Committee

Eric Kamanzi, Ag. Chief Executive Officer


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