FEATURED: New online marketplace launched in Kigali

Staff members of Agasani in a group photo with guests who attended the launch

Customers will no longer necessarily make long distances to buy products in retail stores, markets and trading centres.

This is thanks to Agasani Online Market, a new platform that will ensure customers get whatever they need online by only visiting their website.


Launched on Thursday, on www.agasani.com  web portal, the platform now serves clients in Kigali and its outskirts.


The marketplace was officially launched in Kigali, after four months in operation.


The platform aims at helping its customers get access to digital market by promoting online buying and selling culture among different groups of people in the country and beyond.

It has exceptional services rates that will assure customers shopping experience is easy and seamless, at any time and everywhere.

There will be centers set up for customers to access, which will also help them make orders from there. Through the platform, time and money will be saved as well.

According to Jean de la Paix Nsengiyumva, the Managing Director of Agasani, the prices of the products purchased online are lower compared to those at the market.

“Customers will have a chance of using e-payment through their smart phones with mobile money and ATM cards. It will allow them get access and view a variety of products as well as go for whatever they want to be delivered to them in the shortest period of time,” he said.

He said the technology being used is secure and therefore customers are assured of their safety as far as going cashless is concerned.

Some of the first customers of Agasani online market during the launch.

Reaching more customers

Nsengiyumva said the strategies they are going to use is to reach all corners of the country especially in the country side, to educate the population on how to make use of the e-commerce platform and how easily they can access products.

For those who don’t have smart phones, he said, their agents at the respective centres have them and it will be easier to serve them using theirs in case they need their services.

“We are going to put our service centers in various places for customers who don’t have smart phones to reach out to those centers and place the orders, through the support of our agents,” he said.

This has already started in Kigali, Gasabo and Nyarugenge Districts; it will be rolled out in the other districts as well, he said.

Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the Special Advisor to the Executive Director, Smart Africa Initiative, joins Nsengiyumva to cut a cake to mark the launch of Agasani online market. Lydia Atieno

Other strategies

He said the strategies will be different from other online markets as they will be doing so at the same time reaching  out for local people to educate them on how to do online shopping, and the advantages that come along with it.

In line with the government plans in promoting cashless system, Agasana online market is adopting the system as well.

The products delivery takes maximum of three hours to reach to the intended customers all over the country.

The custemers were also rewarded during the event.

The company has over 6,440 products, with partners of whom 33 are shops and industries.

In four months of trial run, Agasani has carried out transactions worth Rwf 5, 607,000 million for 133 products with 25 agents, while 7, 443 customers visited the market online.

 “For those who don’t have trust in international business companies, we help them deal with the companies, purchase the products and deliver to them. We want to build trust between us and our customers. If they can believe and trust in our business, it’s easier for them to trust us in cross border business involving non Rwandans,” said Nsengiyumva.

During the launch, employees at the firm that has been operating for the past four months were recognised.

Nelly Mutimawe from in Kicukiro District attests that apart from being the first client to the new market, the products from Agasani website are reliable and timely.

 “My friend told me about the company’s services, after visiting their web, I ordered three hand bags and it was delivered immediately,” she said.

Nsengiyumva talks during the launch of Agasani, the online market platform. Lydia Atieno

She said the services are laudable since they can deliver them to clients everywhere.

 “I urge other people to join Agasani online market since they offer better services at normal prices,” she added.

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