[FEATURED] Kigali Marriott Hotel, SOS partner to support vulnerable children

On Saturday Kigali Marriott Hotel joined SOS Children’s Villages in a city walk to raise awareness about the challenges affecting children.  The awareness campaign also involved selling 1,000 T-Shirts to raise funds to support SOS Children’s Villages to implement their activities. The t-shirts were sold at the hotel’s Iriba bar, lobby and at the reception with each t-shirt costing Rwf 10,000.

According to Rex A.G.Nijhof, the General Manager of Kigali Marriott Hotel, it is the hotel’s social responsibility to give back to the community, especially by supporting people who do well for others such as SOS.


“One of our core values is to give back to the community we operate in, we don’t only look after our staff and our guests, we also want to look after the community, what Marriott is doing across Africa is Road to Awareness on different matters that affect the society,” he said


“All the proceeds of the t-shirts will be handed to the charitable organisation to assist in their operations ,” he said


The impact is that more people should support institutions like SOS Children Villages, to do well. We have long lasting partnership with SOS international but I am sure there are great things to come. He said that there is a possibility to keep partnering with SOS Rwanda to support more children in future.

SOS Children Village Rwanda has four villages located in Kigali, Byumba, Nyamagabe and Kayonza. According to Jean Gakwaya, SOS acting Chairman, the initiative to support them is very important not only in terms of cash that would be generated but the good heart to take care of Vulnerable Children.

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