FEATURED: Kigali bracing up for the 5th Annual Property & Home Show

Over 20 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors are expected at the Annual Property & Home Show 2019.

Property & Home Show is organizing the 5th Annual Property Home Show 2019 with the theme “The Key To Your Home.”

The show that has been organized for the last 5 years and is always endorsed by both the Rwanda Housing Authority and the Real Estate Board of Rwanda. The Property & Home Show takes place on March 20th – 23 rd 2019 at Kigali Convention and Exhibition Village – Kigali Hall (Camp Kigali).

According to Jatinelida Evora Biague, the managing director of  Property & Home Show, over 40 exhibitors participated during our last event including Horizon Construction, CVL Developers, Real Contractors, Crown Paint, STRAWTEC, RAK, Ceramic, UAP, I&M Bank, Turkish Airlines, Plut Properties, Sawa Africa, Roko, and Kenya Port Authority.

“We have been doing these shows for the last five years and I am expecting many more new participants together with those that attended last year. We work with affordable housing developers to bring their endeavors to the forefront of the public. We showcase these groups during the Property & Home Show as we believe strongly that the people, who work to make Kigali great, should have the chance to live in it” says Evora

According to Mrs. Evora Biague, the Property & Home Show is a four‐day real estate event that brings together government agencies, developers, architects, real estate agents and investors, construction, finance and insurance companies, designers and home builders as they showcase their services to a buying public.

“The purpose is to provide a designated platform and informal, interactive environment for the real estate sector, the private sector, the banks and developers to showcase their services and business related products to the buying public” says Evora.

She says that the objective is to bring together government, (affordable housing) developers, real estate agents, and the public to learn about property and how to invest in Rwanda.

“With over 20 exhibitors, the 2,000 visitors will enjoy the opportunity to learn about the real estate market through free educational seminars, walk through the exhibition hall to see who can help them with their dreams of acquiring a home, and other business opportunities in the real estate sector” adds Mrs. Evora Biague.



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