FEATURED: KCB rewards its customers

KCB Bank Rwanda staff who were facilitating customers to get fuel.

KCB Bank Rwanda on Wednesday offered fuel vouchers to 100 customers as part of its wider initiatives to celebrate its clients.

The reward comes in the wake of International Customer Service Week.


The excise took place at Kisimenti Kobil Petrol Station from midday to 2:00 pm.


Liliose Nyinawinkindi, the Bank’s Customer Experience Manager, said celebrating Customer Service Week is an opportunity to improve the relationship with customers as well as rewarding their trust in the Bank.


“This is a gesture of appreciation to demonstrate that we are together in all daily business struggles. We appreciate them for trusting us with their money,” Nyinawinkindi told The New Times. “We are doing this to share the love and appreciation as we try to spend as many years together as we can and we want to make sure this gesture reaches our customers from all segments."

Liliose Nyinawinkindi, the bank’s Customer Experience Manager.

More activities aimed at rewarding the Bank’s customers have been lined up throughout the week.

Today, the Bank will issue shopping vouchers to 50 customers at all its branches, while 120 more customers will be given tickets for their children to watch the Lion King Movie slated to be screened at Century Cinema.

Clients have to present either their ATM cards or their cheque books to qualify for the vouchers.

“This is a nice gesture and a special treat to us customers. We are really excited to see that the bank cares for us. It is something that other institutions should replicate,” said Celestin Rugero, one of KCB Bank Rwanda customers who were given fuel vouchers.

The Bank has will interact with its customers on how it can deliver its services better. 

The customers' views will be shared with the Bank's staff in all branches and on its social media platform. 

KCB Rwanda has been celebrating Customer Experience Week with its Rwandan customers since 2014. This one of the many international days where the Bank rewards its clients including Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, even Valentine’s Day among others.

The Bank has close to 100,000 customers.

Celestin Rugero, one of KCB Bank Rwanda customers who were given fuel vouchers speaks to journalist expressing his happiness after getting his fuel.

Kobil Kisimenti branch was the venue to celebrate the ongoing International Customer Service Week with KCB Bank Rwanda customers.

The served customers were also given some water after getting fuel.

KCB Bank Rwanda worker helping a customer to clear her papers before getting fuel.

KCB Bank Rwanda clients queue. The turn up was big between midday and 2 pm at Kisimenti Kobil Petrol Station.

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