FEATURED: KCB Bank Rwanda kicks off Customer Service Week by celebrating with staff and clients

KCB Bank Rwanda MD,George Odhiambo kicked off the customer services week by welcoming customers with gifts on a red carpet experience at the KCB headquarters in town. Photos by Joseph Mudingu.

In a show of commitment to its core value and also emphasizing the bank’s theme “customer satisfaction is our priority”, KCB bank Rwanda has like for many years running launched its Customer Service Week in Rwanda.

The five day event that kicked off on 1st October, saw customers being appreciated by the bank, red carpet welcome among others on the first day of the campaign by KCB Bank Rwanda. The clients obviously were delighted with such treats.

KCB Bank is using the occasion to heighten staff awareness to achieving and maintaining service excellence as well as appreciating customers for their brand loyalty and decision to do business with the Bank.

This year the Customer Service Week was celebrated from Monday October 1st and will last up to Friday October 5, 2018.

The week-long programme will be marked with activities across all KCB Bank branches nationwide and customers will be treated to enhanced customer service and special appreciation packages.

Over the years, the Bank has leveraged on this platform to engage customers on an emotional level.

According to Liliose Nyinawinkindi, the KCB Bank customer experience manager, the highlights of the service week at KCB kicked off on Monday with the bank’s MD visiting two branches and welcoming of all customers as stars with a red carpet treatment.

On the second day, the bank focused on appreciating its staff believing that internal customer experience is critical in serving customers.

“We did not only appreciate our staff but also our supporting staff like the security guards, and cleaning team and thanked them for the hard work and the many hours that they put in plus their dedication which helps us to offer the best service to our clients”

Bank officials used the third day to recognize the corporate customers by paying visits to legacy clinic, MTN center and Cimerwa.

The team handed out gifts including having breakfast with them as a way of appreciating their continued support.

On Thursday, management members will also take the opportunity to interact with the business community where KCB staff will give gifts to selective customers.  

The climax of the week long programme will end on Friday with a tea break and snacks to close off the week with a big thank you and later in the evening, there will be celebration in Musanze to reward customers and other stakeholders for their loyalty and support.

The Managing Director, George Odhiambo handing out gifts to customers

The Managing Director, George Odhiambo explained that ‘For a Bank whose business is primarily service, this is an accession for the bank to appreciate and engage with our customers while recognising their contribution to the business.’

“This will be a symbolic gesture of what we do every day and this will continue even after the customer service week. We use the period to assess the quality of our service and to re-energize our staff for another year” said Odhiambo.

Sighting the good deed of one of their security personnel who reported money that had been dropped by a client outside the bank, he called upon staff in the banking environment and all those involved in the provision of services to anchor all their values on integrity, honesty and ethics.

“We at KCB are blessed with the integrity level of honesty of all our staff and supporting staff and we recognize the importance of customer service that they provide” added Odhiambo.

He added that the customer service week has also kicked off the commemoration of their 10 year existence in Rwanda.

“We have kicked off the two month activities marking our tenth year of operating in Rwanda where we are going to be interacting with our customers and stakeholders who have been with us throughout this period of ten years” he concluded

The Good Samaritan

Julius Rugondera is a security guard and a Good Samaritan who has drawn praise from the bank after finding 600,000 frw outside the bank’s parking lot and going out of his way to return it.

Rugondera, 47 married with seven kids, told The New Times he was just reporting for duty at at KCB bank main branch at about 8.20pm, when the person before him rushed away from the parking lot after dropping an envelope with the money he had withdrawn - a sum of 600,000 in cash.

“This is the first time I’ve seen money left like this. I was surprised as the only person and that had come out of the bank had just drove off leaving on the ground the money he had withdrawn” said Rugondera

By the time he realised what had happened, the person was already gone, said Rugondera.

He took the money and rushed back into the bank and reported it to the customer service desk and they waited for 10 to 15 minutes for the guy to return which he did.

When asked if he was tempted to keep the money at any point, Mr Rugondera said it was a definite “no”.

“I took it as I was afraid someone else would take and keep the money for themselves. As a Christian and considering my upbringing, i wanted to return it and knew that I had a responsibility to return it.”

He said that if he had been in that position, he too would hope for an “honest person” to return him his money.

“Plus, it’s not a small sum. But any amount, no matter if 5000 or 100,000, should always be returned to its rightful owner.” He added.