FEATURED: How Meril Life Science Products and services improve lives of people in Rwanda and across the globe…

Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, a company based in India, has been supporting the surgical community with not only products but also by training support with access to some of the world’s latest technologies and support to outreach programmes carried out in African Continent as well as across the world.

Meril Life Sciences are manufactures of In Vitro Diagnostics products, Endo surgery products, Orthopaedics implants and cardiovascular products.

Their service have been impacting the lives of people across the world and they are now operating in more than 120 countries including USA, Latin America, EU, CIS, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa with wholly owned subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Bangladesh and Germany.

Meril at COSECSA 2018, Kigali

Prof. Emile Rwamasirabo, Urologist at King Faisal Hospital, who has been the major driving force in College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa conference and also took part in research funded by Meril Life Sciences, highlighted the importance of researches on surgery situation in the country and the conference.

Rwamasirabo noted that the research findings in 8 hospitals across the country contribute much in the development of health sector in the country.

“We have conducted the research or surveys in eight hospitals across the country. The purpose was to find out the challenges that are affecting surgery in the country. Some of the challenges include lack of materials, and insufficient professional surgeons,”

After all, the researchers submit the findings to the Ministry of Health and also discuss the challenges during COSECSA conference.

He added that during the conference, it was an opportunity to discuss surgical infections, and global surgery situation and then advocate for people to get access to surgery service easily. “We learn more about the current situation in our sector and share experience and knowledge.”

Sandeep N Pandya, the business Head in Africa

During the Interview, Sandeep N Pandya, the business Head in Africa explained more about Meril Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd and their services across the world.

He asserted the importance of Training and capacity building for the developing countries to enable the healthcare delivery to the last mile in the health care chain.

He briefed on the activities of Meril Academy where in collaboration with Surgical Community is becoming platform for the innovations in the healthcare products and service delivery at the same time.

To give a snapshot about Meril Academy’s contribution, they have more than 6000 Health care professionals catered, 13 CMEs Accredited workshops conducted, 11 General Surgery workshops conducted, 2 Diagnostics workshops conducted, over 100 conferences and workshops, 24 orthopedic workshops conducted, 21 Interventional cardiology workshops conducted, 7 Operation theater nurses convention conducted, 10 Hospital management workshops conducted so far.

Meril’s Training Approach:

Meril Life Sciences have established a non-profil Meril Academy in Vapi, Meril Academy with a dedicated focus on the education and training of the Surgeons, Paramedics, Technocrats, Marketing Staff of Meril and Counterparts.

The Academy hosts large scale Medical Conferences with participation of delegates including Surgeons, Cardiologists, and Technocrats from across the globe.

In today’s situation, Organizations like Meril are of great importance as they come not only with products but aspiring to support the capacity building efforts in the African Continent.

Who are Meril Life Sciences?

Meril Life Sciences are based at Vapi- Gujarat, which is 150kms north of Mumbai, India.

Meril  has ultra modern manufacturing infrastructure spread over 300,000 sq. ft area to manufacture In-vitro Diagnostics Products, Endosurgery Products, IUDs, Vascular stents, PTCA balloon catheters.

The manufacturing is a self-content facility to adhere to stringent quality parameters, Quality Assurance and R&D department. The products are approved by both Regulated and Semi Regulated markets across the world.

The team of 4500 personnel at Meril, relentlessly thrives to alleviate human suffering by providing comprehensive health care solutions across the world.

Meril’s contribution to the society:

As briefed by Mr. Sandeep from Meril, the organization has been supporting the underprivileged pupils for the Education via the Philanthropic arm of the company, Maa Foundation. They are currently supporting 10000 children in the education journey and career guidance.

Meril’s Product Portfolio

Sutures – Currently all the range of Absorbable, Non Absorbable sutures are available in Developed as well as developing markets like EU, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. 

Sutures and needles are indigenously manufactured in completely backward integrated facility. Product range includes PGA/PGLA Absorbable sutures, Polydiaxanone sutures, Silk sutures, Nylon sutures, Steel sutures, Polyester sutures, polypropylene sutures, Bone wax, Catgut sutures (Bovine Source), UCT and Surgical Mesh.

Cu T 375 has been approved by UN Agencies and has been supporting family planning programmes across the globe..

Orthopaedics-Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip replacement and Trauma. Freedom Knee.

Diagnostic Equipment, Reagents and Rapid Diagnostics Tests - for Malaria (Pf, Pv, Pan Species), Dengue, HIV 1/2, HBs Ag, HCV, hCG.

In today’s situation, Organizations like Meril are of great importance as they come not only with products but aspiring to support the capacity building efforts in the African Continent.