FEATURED: GTBank donates water filter and school furniture to Nyacyonga Primary School

Gasabo, February 14, 2020- Guaranty Trust Bank (Rwanda) plc today donated water filter and school furniture to Nyacyonga Primary School.

At GTBank, we believe in growing and sustaining the value of our business by giving back to our host communities. This is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major component of the Bank’s strategy and business activities. GTBank Rwanda’s CSR activities are focused on promoting education and sports, fostering community development, promoting arts and culture and protecting the environment. Through these activities, the Bank seeks to make profound positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and other members of the public.

Located in Jabana Sector, Gasabo District, Nyacyonga Primary School was founded in 1998 and began with only three classes (i.e. primary one to three). It has grown over the years and now provides tuition from primary one to six. The school currently has 660 students comprising 303 boys and 357 girls. Upon visiting the school, we observed that the school lacked clean and potable water, bookshelves for the school library and desks for the teachers and pupils, which negatively impacted teaching quality and delivery.

In order to address the aforementioned challenges thereby making the learning environment more conducive and improving the health and wellbeing of the school population, GTBank donated desks, workstations, library shelves and water filter to the School on February 14, 2020. After donating the furniture items and the water filter, staff of the Bank spent the evening interacting with the pupils, teachers, people in the host community and members of Rotaract Club which initiated the fundraising project on behalf of the school.

GTBank will continue its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as it is one of the 8 Orange Rules of the Bank and a medium through which the Bank gives back to society and promotes education.

We are overjoyed today with this show of kindness and generosity by GTBank. Our pupils and teachers will now be able to focus on their studies and teaching respectively as they will no longer worry about unclean drinking water. We are also excited about the new furniture items as they will make our learning environment more conducive. Furthermore, we are delighted that these new desks will facilitate the establishment of a new classroom which we had planned to create last year but which we could not do owing to funding challenges. These donations will definitely improve the delivery of quality education in our school, thanks to GTBank”-- Marie Claire, the School Principal.


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