[FEATURED] BPR wins best customer care award as expo ends

Once again, BPR has been recognized as the Best Customer Service Exhibitor of the 21st Rwanda International Trade Fair in Rwanda which was held from 26th July -15th August 2018, at EXPO Grounds, Kigali-Rwanda.

The awards that were organised by PSF took place on Tuesday 14th at Intare arena in Rusororo where many exhibitors were recognized.

As usual, this Expo focused on supporting the Made-in-Rwanda initiative, a drive aimed at promoting consumption of locally-produced goods.

The expo enables exhibitors to share business and investment ideas, which results into opening up of new businesses in Rwanda by foreign participants, where we know some investors opens new businesses in Rwanda, after exhibiting at a previous trade fairs

According to Prossie Kalisa the Head of Marketing and Communication at BPR, Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR), it is the bank’s custom to treat customers as kings by giving them the best warm customer care while providing them with technological developments and extending to them the best financial services.

“Our customers are benefiting from the digital finance which include, amongst others easy access to financial services, reducing travel and queuing times when done from the convenience of mobile or computer devices, completing transactions faster and moving large sums of money without carrying cash thus offering secure and safer options” says Kalisa

Today the state of the art mobile banking at BPR gives one freedom to do more with the mobile phone and one can choose using the USSD or the mobile banking application for smart phones and other gadgets and have access to one’s bank account 24/7 without any hustles.

She said that mobile banking product have helped their customers to efficiently deal with transactions in real time, one can do a lot with mobile banking like knowing your account balance, asking for a mini statement and doing instant interbank funds transfers.

She added that the bank is always promoting customer care and that it is a priority for all their branches to provide the best service possible

“We have won the best customer service award among all exhibitors in the expo because at Atlas Mara, our main objective is offer better customer care to our clients” said Kalisa.

She welcomed the award with pleasure and thanked the BPR staff and customers for the achievement.

“Of 451 exhibitors from all over the world, the bank was announced as the best customer care provider among others who brought various products to exhibit and it is because of the dedicated staff and the good customers” she added.

This product helps customers link their MTN mobile money accounts with BPR accounts by dialing *182# , select bank services menu and choose BPR bank which is the 8th bank on the menu. 

They can also link their Tigo cash accounts with BPR accounts by dialing *500*6# and are able to pull and push funds either ways instantly.

To use BPR push pull services, one is required to have a current account with BPR and an E-wallet account with Tigo or MTN.

Also one can pay WASAC water bills, electricity, and startimes TV and Rwanda revenue taxes using BPR mobile banking.

Customers at this year’s expo were treated to new services like the self-service where they made online transactions using digital screens with free WiFi to down load the mobile app.

With BPR state of the art online banking, you don’t have to visit and queue at the bank, they can stay home or at their places of work but still access a wide range of banking services with BPR internet banking such as transferring money to other banks’ accounts instantly with ease.