Ex-Ombudsman Cyanzayire returns to Supreme Court

Aloysie Cyanzayire. / Courtesy

A Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday appointed Aloysia Cyanzayire as a Supreme Court justice.

Cyanzayire, who is the immediate former Chief Ombudsman, was previously the Chief Justice, before she was replaced by the Prof. Sam Rugege in 2012, when her term came to an end.

Cyanzayire was replaced at the Office of the Ombudsman by Anastase Murekezi last year.

Speaking during an interview with The New Times, Cyanzayire said that she was glad to return again at the highest court of the land and that she would leverage her experience in the sector to contribute towards the provision of equitable justice to Rwandans.

“I’m honored to serve the country once again in the judicial sector. I’m looking forward to working in collaboration with the existing team to offer fair judgment to the population,” she said.

According to the Supreme Court spokesperson, the Supreme Court used to have 19 judges but now with the establishment of the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court remains with seven judges.

The newly established Court of Appeal got 13 judges though the same cabinet meeting that was chaired by President Paul Kagame but all of them will need to be approved by the senate.


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