Engineers seek to end forgery

The Institution of Engineers in Rwanda is set to digitise the registration process to eliminate forgery, the body said yesterday, as it called on the public to work with registered professional engineers in order to limit risks associated with substandard work.

Eng. Papias Dedeki Kazawadi, the president of the Institution of Engineers, made remarks at a news conference yesterday ahead of the national engineering conference slated to take place in Kigali from August 22 to 23

Digitalising the registration system, he said, would limit people who forge the institution certificate to hoodwink the public.

“Showing you the certificate is not enough. Follow and ask more information from us in order to check if the engineer you want to work with is really certified,” he advised the public.

Kazawadi said that there are 1,200 registered engineers.

“Even among our members, the big number, around 800, falls under the category of people who sometimes don’t know their responsibilities and it puts the public at a great risk. They need constant support, capacity building and integrity,” he said.

According to the law governing the profession of engineering and establishing the Institute of Engineers Rwanda, passed in 2012, all engineers must be enrolled in the institute to make sure they fulfill the requirements to deliver a good professional service.



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