Embrace heroism by championing development, Rwandans in China told

Ambassador Kayonga addressing Rwandans who turned up for the Heroes' Day celebrations.

The Rwandan envoy to China, Charles Kayonga, over the weekend urged the Rwandan community in the Asian country to embrace heroism by spearheading the country’s development agenda.

Kayonga made these remarks during ceremony to mark the 25th Heroes’ Day celebrations held at the Rwandan embassy in Beijing, which brought together scores of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda.

He reminded those present, including students pursuing their studies in China, of their role in nation building, saying that they should work hard in everything they do and always have their country at heart, just like the heroes being celebrated.

To the youth specifically, he urged them to be innovative and be part of the different programmes that have been put in place by government to help the country expeditiously grow.

“You are here in China as students; don’t take the opportunity for granted, you are here because our heroes paid with their lives for us to enjoy such opportunities. If they gave their lives for us to have a country for which everyone is proud. The least you can do is to work hard and ensure that country develops, and faster,” he said.

He called for continuity of the struggle to liberate the country.

“Without the continuity of the tradition of heroism, we cannot preserve what we have achieved nor achieve what we have resolved to achieve like unity, peace, security, democracy and development,” he said.

He noted that heroism is a duty and responsibility of each and every generation.




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