Elections for new city mayor for this month

City Hall in downtown Kigali. File.

By James Karuhanga

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has confirmed May 25 as the date for the by-election to replace the mayor of City of Kigali will be held.

The by-elections will be seeking a replacement of Pascal Nyamurinda, who resigned from City Hall last month citing personal reasons.

It is the second by-election to be held within this term, with Nyamurinda himself having been a product of a by-election that was held last year to replace Monique Mukaruliza, who had been appointed High Commissioner to Zambia.

Speaking to The New Times, Charles Munyaneza, the commission’s executive secretary, said the electoral process is underway with people now submitting their candidatures.

Parfait Busabirwa, the vice mayor in charge of economic development, continues to serve as mayor in acting capacity until new elections are held.

“On May 23, we will have elections to replace Mr Nyamulinda Pascal as a Councillor in the City of Kigali before electing the Mayor two days later,” he said.

The mayor is elected from members of the council.

Who votes?

Article 160 of the electoral law stipulates that the electoral college of the executive committee of the City of Kigali comprises members of the Council of Kigali City; council members of the districts that make up the City of Kigali; and members of the bureau from all sectors of the city.

To vote for mayor, one must be at least 35 years of age, among others.

Elsewhere, Munyaneza said, in Ruhango District, NEC will have by-elections for three council members on May 20 and for the mayor and two vice mayors on May 25.

The advisory council of Ruhango District in March sacked the district’s executive committee composed of the mayor and two vice mayors over mismanagement of district resources.

The trio, Mayor François-Xavier Mbabazi; the vice mayor in charge of economic development, Epimaque Twagirimana; and the vice mayor in charge of social affairs, Annonciata Kambayire, were also dismissed from the district council.



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