Districts save millions through national service programme

Since its launch in 2013, National Service Programme (Urugerero) has enabled Bugesera district to save over Rwf110 million; the Head of the National Civic Education Training Programme Itorero in Bugesera district; Canisius Gasarabwe has said.

Gasarabwe told Sunday Times that Urugerero participated in implementing different programmes such as building and renovating residential houses for needy people in the community, starting kitchen gardens to fight malnutrition, mobilizing the community about the value of community based health insurance scheme (Mutuelle de Sante), security and sensitising the masses about the disadvantages of children dropping out of school.

The activities have been incorporated into districts action plans and fiscal year performance contracts.

Cutting costs

In 2013, the district saved Rwf19.3m, over Rwf21m in 2014, approximately Rwf18m in 2015, Rwf16m in 2016, Rwf18m in 2017 and Rwf5m in 2018. In 2019, the district has already saved Rwf11m.

“We are striving to solve different human security issues namely; fighting malnutrition, improving hygiene, renovating homes for the needy, promoting saving culture to ensure Mutuelle de Sante premiums are paid on time among many others on which the district could have otherwise spent a lot on,” he said.

The Mayor of Nyarugenge district; Kayisiime Nzaramba, said that the platform has helped to construct and renovate toilets for needy households, considering that out of 397 households that had no toilets, only 7 remain in need.

“At least one toilet costs over Rwf120, 000 to be built from foundation to completion. Intore (trainees by Itorero) who are secondary school graduates have participated in reaching such different achievements at between 92 per cent and 95 per cent,” she said.




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