COVID-19: Government issues fresh instructions on bars, prayer activities

The Ministry of Local Governance (MINALOC) has on Friday, March 20, issued fresh instructions to bars and prayer activities in bid to contain the COVID-19.

The move comes as Rwanda so far has 11 confirmed cases of this pandemic.


In a statement that took immediate effect, MINALOC said that: “In order to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19, bars in Kigali and other cities will close at 21h00, and at 19h00 to those in rural areas.”


Currently, businesses including bars and restaurants continue to operate, but were urged to maintain an adequate distance of at least one meter between patrons.


After the temporary closure of places of worship, the ministry also warned people who may shift these gatherings to unauthorized places.

“It is not permitted to move worship and prayer activities to unauthorized places of any kind, such as prayer rooms, private homes, or caves,” stipulates the notice.

However, as per previous statements by the Government, individuals are still are allowed to pray from their homes and avoid gathering in mass.

The above adds to other measures employed to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country, and these among others include the temporary halting of schools, places of worship and large gatherings that include weddings and conferences.

Hotels among others have so far started feeling the pinch of COVID-19 outbreak.

How to prevent the pandemic?

Some of precautionary measures that every Rwandan should follow so as to help tackle the pandemic include; avoiding unnecessary travels to countries with COVID-19, avoiding handshakes and hugs and frequently washing hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizer.

The measures also include avoiding touching the nose, eyes or mouth before washing hands.

Citizens can also call 114- Rwanda Biomedical Center’s toll-free number, for further guidance.

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