DR Congo First Lady commends Isange One Stop Centre services

Isange One Stop Centre was founded with support of Imbuto Foundation, an organisation founded by First Lady Jeannette Kagame.
Visiting DR Congo First Lady Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi is taken through the functions of Isange One Stop Centre by Kacyiru District Hospital Director CP Dr Daniel Nyamwasa (L) on Monday. Mrs Tshisekedi was accompanied by different officials including Rwanda's Minister of Health Dr Diane Gashumba (right) and Radegonde Ndejuru (second left), an advisor to Rwanda's First Lady. / Courtesy

The visiting First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Congo Mrs. Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi has lauded the way cases of gender based violence as well as domestic violence are treated and how victims are supported at Isange One Stop Centre.

She was visiting the Kacyiru-based centre on Monday morning as part of her two day official visit that kicked off on Sunday.

Mrs. Tshisekedi and her delegation toured different parts of the facility and got firsthand information on how the centre offers holistic support to victims of GBV and domestic violence.

Based at Kacyiru District Hospital and managed by Rwanda Investigation Bureau, the centre holistically attends to victims by providing medical, legal and psychological support.

“I am very honoured to visit this place where women, girl and children can find refuge after any form of violence. I admire the organisation and everyone’s dedication, and I encourage and support you,” she wrote in a visitor’s book shortly after touring various departments of the facility.

After touring the centre First Lady Mrs. Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi was received by First Lady Jeannette Kagame in her office. / Courtesy

According to the Commissioner of Police Dr. Daniel Nyamwasa, the Director of Kacyiru District Hospital, since the centre started in 2009, a total of 19,047 cases have been received.

Out of these, 65 per cent are GBV victims while 35 per cent of the victims face domestic violence.

The most affected victims are girls aged between 5 and 18 years, consisting up to 73 per cent of the GBV cases received, 16 per cent of the victims are under five, while those above 18 were 11 per cent.

For domestic violence 1947 of whom 18 per cent are men while 82 per cent are women.

“When we receive victims, we do diagnostic tests before they are treated. For GBV victims, we immediately offer basic treatment so that they are not infected with HIV/AIDs or carry unwanted pregnancies before our specialists offer them legal and psychological support,” he said.

First Lady Mrs. Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi tours facilities of Isange One Stop Centre at Kacyiru District Hospital. / Courtesy

The centre was founded with support of Imbuto Foundation, an organisation founded by First Lady Mrs Jeannette Kagame.

Mrs Tshisekedi arrived in the country through Rubavu District and was received by the Chief Gender Monitor, Rose Rwabuhihi before proceeding to Kigali for a meeting with her counterpart, First Lady Jeannette Kagame.

On Sunday evening, the visiting First Lady was hosted to an official dinner by her Rwandan counterpart where the two agreed on working together through their organisations to improve the welfare for the people of the two neighbouring countries.

The organisations are Imbuto Foundation; a non-profit organisation founded 18 years ago by Mrs Kagame, whose mission is to support the development of a healthy, educated and prosperous society.

DR Congo First Lady Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi in a group photo with medical workers at Kacyiru District Hospital. / Courtesy

On the other hand, Mrs. Tshisekedi is the founder of “Plus Fortes”, a foundation whose vision is to ensure a society where every woman is free, strong and valuable.

“I am very impressed by your history; my vision through my foundation is based on issues including education, health and the fight against gender violence. I hope that in the future, our foundations can collaborate, to implement these projects,” she said commenting on Imbuto Foundation’s mission.

“For us to keep valuing the woman and families in Africa we need to work together. Together as women we are strong, very strong,” Mrs Tshisekedi added.