CoK to redesign high- tech bus shelters

The prototype bus shelter that has since been dismantled. Sam Ngendahimana.

The City of Kigali (CoK) has pulled down a prototype high-tech bus shelter that had been installed at Chez Lando bus stop at Kisementi. City authorities say they will redesign it based on feedback from the public.

Bruno Rangira, the Advisor to the Mayor of Kigali city, confirmed the new changes yesterday.

A statement posted on twitter read: “City of Kigali is redesigning the sample bus shelter that was built at Kisementi based on feedback from stakeholders and the general public. Features of the improved version will include natural ventilation, simple and better materials, and more space.”

Rangira added that after redesigning a sample design will also be shared with stakeholders for comments and approval.

“Some have suggested that we can use simple materials and the designers will also increase the size of the shelter since there have been complaints about the size. Ventilation was also considered,” he said.

The city hired three companies that are driving the exercise and had announced that at least 108 bus stop shelters will have been upgraded within six months.

The shelters are expected to protect passengers from being exposed to the elements and there will be benches inside where passengers can access free internet, and screens that help to track where buses are coming from and when they are due to arrive.