City drug dealer arrested with 12 sacks of cannabis

The suspect with the sacks of cannabis. / Courtesy

Police in the City of Kigali have discovered a house in Kicukiro District that was being used as a store for narcotic drugs.

The house located in Rugero Village, Kagina Cell in Kicukiro Sector was raided this Saturday where Police recovered 12 sacks of cannabis.

The suspected notorious drug dealer was taken into custody, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Marie Gorett Umutesi, the Police Spokesperson for the City of Kigali, said.

Ukiliwabo was a security guard at the same house. Owners of the house currently live in Europe.

Umutesi said that some residents of Rugero tipped off Police.

"Based on this information, an operation was organised and the house was raided at about 4am on Saturday, officers found 12 sacks of cannabis in the house, and Ukiliwabo, who was taken by surprise, was also found in the house where he was arrested," she said.

"Since he had full control over the house, he turned it into a cannabis store,

These are the people who destroy our societies and the young people in particular. They shouldn't be given room in our communities."

She commended the residents for their vigilance and responsiveness and called for continued information sharing on suspected drug dealers.

"If you suspect that your neighbour or someone is engaged in drug related crimes, share with us your suspicions and we will ascertain the truth," Umutesi emphasised.

Anyone convicted as a big or major drug dealer, under article 263 of the penal code, faces a term of imprisonment of between 25 years and life in prison.



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