Chinese Internet users monitor construction of temporary hospitals in Wuhan online via CMG's live broadcast platform

Wuhan is in the process of converting a series of gymnasiums and exhibition centers into temporary hospitals, to provide care for patients with mild symptoms caused by the new coronavirus.

Yangshipin, a new online application from China Media Group (CMG), broadcasts the construction of these temporary hospitals 24 hours a day.


Until the evening of February 5, the live recorded more than 100 million views from Internet users. They monitored construction progress online, while leading discussions.


In order to provide timely care to patients with the new coronavirus, Wuhan launched the construction of temporary hospitals on the night of February 3 to treat patients with mild symptoms caused by the new coronavirus.


For the moment, the number of temporary hospitals has increased to 13. These temporary hospitals are capable of providing more than 10,000 beds.


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