Candidates cautioned against cheating as national exams for high school begin

Senior three and six candidates have expressed optimism and confidence to excel in their secondary leaving exams.

Around 7:00 am on Tuesday, two young ladies, Germaine Isaro and Clarisse Uwizeyimana are standing in the compound of Groupe Scolaire Kicukiro; they are both reading from a same notebook.

They are doing last-minute revision before joining the rest in the examination room for the first national examination for Ordinary Level, which is mathematics.

Both girls seem too concentrated that they seem not to have realised the reporter standing next to them for a minute or so.

“We are just doing final revision; I am ready for the exams. I had enough time to study and I expect to perform well,” said Germaine Isaro, one of the two girls, when we finally got her attention.

“I am confident to excel with up to 90 per cent because I studied enough. In upper secondary school, I wish to pursue science-related courses – Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology,” she added.

Echoing the same message, her friend Clarisse Uwizeyimana said that she is so confident to pass the exams, adding that at advanced level, she wants to study Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

Prince Aristide Niyonsenga, another candidate from Groupe Scolaire Murambi, also in Kicukiro District, also thinks success is within grasp because he is well prepared.

He wants to do better such that he pursues Technical and Vocational Education at the advanced level.

A senior six candidate, Eric Niyigena who studies computer science at CGFK School in Kagarama wants to pursue Network Administration at tertiary level.

He also exudes confidence, saying that he was well prepared and facilitated for the exams.

These are some of over 140,000 secondary school candidates who are sitting national examinations that started Tuesday countrywide; both at O’Level and A’Level.

At national level, the exams were launched at Groupe Scolaire Kicukiro in Kicukiro District by the State Minister for Primary and Secondary Educations together with other officials from Rwanda Education Board and local leaders.

The center is hosting a total of 583 Senior Three candidates from six neighbouring schools including Authentic School, APADE, Gatenga I, G.S Muyange, Murambi and Kicukiro.

Launching the exams, Munyakazi told the candidates that this was the time for them to show their potential.

He said that government had done whatever that is necessary to ensure the students are well equipped, adding that it’s up to them to show the country how they have used such opportunities.

“Exams help you to show your potential for future benefit. Work with determination and purpose to become the people of your dreams,” he added.

Dr Irene Ndayambaje, the Director General of Rwanda Education Board, asked the candidates to avoid panic and cheating.

Ndayambaje noted that exams are the bridge that takes the candidates to another level, adding that nothing strange in the exams that can cause them to cheat or participate in any malpractice.

The 2018 national examinations will run through November 27 for O’Level candidates and November 30 for A’Level candidates.

There are 447 examination centres across the country for O’Level candidates while there are 381 centres for A’Level candidates.

Practical exams will be carried out from 243 centres.

The first exam started at 8:30a.m and ended at 11:30am, while the second one starts at 2p.m through 5p.m.