Army official charged with murder, illegal possession of firearm

Maj. Mudaheranwa at Nyamirambo Military Tribunal during a preliminary hearing on charges of murder and illegal possession of a firearm. Dan Nsengiyumva

Maj. Godfrey Mudaheranwa, also known as ‘Kirikiri’ on Thursday appeared for a preliminary hearing in Nyamirambo Military Tribunal on charges of shooting and killing a 17 year-old Sam Gashayija and illegal possession of arms.

Mudaheranwa, who is currently in custody is accused of shooting Gashaija on the night of February 2, 2020 after allegedly confusing the deceased with his friend  who is said to have impregnated the Major’s daughter, according to a statement from the deceased’s father.

The defendant is also accused of illegal possession of weapons. Prosecution said that in their records, he hasn’t owned a firearm since 2005, yet eight bullets were found in his house; two of them with the same caliber as the shell casing on the crime scene, and the remaining six can be used with the same gun that was used in the murder.

Mudaheranwa pleaded not guilty to the murder charges saying he was in his farm at the time of the crime, however prosecution countered that saying that testimony from his herdsman shows that he wasn’t at his farm at the time of the crime.

Prosecution asked the court to remand the defendant for 30 days, because can tamper with the investigations fore he gets tried.

The three judge bench adjourned their decision on whether the accused will be granted bail or not to Tuesday February 25.

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