African youth build homes for needy families in Rusororo

A group of youth from different countries on the continent during Umuganda yesterday. Frederic Byumvuhore.

African Union Youth Volunteers yesterday participated in activities that benefited eight needy families in Rusororo sector, Gasabo District.

They set up kitchen gardens to improve nutrition and dug ditches to control rain water.


The activity brought together 100 youth volunteers from 44 African countries who are in Kigali on a two-week course ahead of the 9th edition of the African Union Youth Volunteers Corps due to commence in 2019.


After the course the trainees will be deployed to different countries across the continent.


According to Daniel Adugna, African Union Youth Volunteers programme Coordinator, the community service is he proof that Africans are able to develop themselves through the efforts of its citizens.

“Community service is very important to make people more self- reliant. It also improves people’s welfare. Every African, especially the young generation, should know that the development of Africa relies on them. Youth should take a lead in using their potential,and knowledge to transform the continent. We should not wait for any external support for our own progress,” Adugna said.

Emmanuel Bigenimana, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Youth, said that community service is the engine of the spirit of patriotism among young Africans.

He added that since youth from different corners of the continent participated in the community service , it will inspire them to be more active at their respective states.

Edissa Mukeshimana who benefited from the activity expressed her optimism saying that the kitchen gardens  will help them fight malnutrition among their children.

Madina Ndangiza, a member of parliament was among other local leaders and residents who joined the youth in the community service. 

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