250 arrested for drink driving, disconnecting speed governors

Weekend operations against “grave traffic offences” led to the arrest of about 250 motorists for either driving while drunk or disconnecting the speed governor device. All the drivers were arrested in City of Kigali.

At least 144 were arrested for drink driving. Eight were arrested on Friday night, 37 on the night of Saturday, while other 27 were arrested Sunday night.

Over 300 drivers have been arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol since the operation was launched three weeks ago, Police said.

The operations came as a deliberate response to human behaviours which are largely blamed for road carnage.

Speaking on ‘Waramutse Rwanda’ (Good Morning Rwanda) show on Rwanda Television on Monday, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, Commissioner for Public Relations and Media and RNP spokesperson, said that although “security remains intact across the country”, reckless motorists continue to cause insecurity on roads, often causing fatal accidents, injuries, and destroying public infrastructure and people’s property.

“Road safety is still being undermined by unacceptable human behaviours, especially drink driving and drivers who disconnect speed governor devices so as to speed,” Kabera said.

“The advice is clear; when you drink don’t drive, it is for your own safety and the safety of those you are driving or other people on the road. Everyone has to be safe on the road; we can’t allow someone to be a security threat to other road users.”

Drink driving is a traffic offence that attracts a fine of Rwf150,000 and detention, while tampering with speed governor device attracts a fine of Rwf200,000.

If any of the offences lead to another offence, the traffic offender faces additional fines.

Drink driving and tampering with the speed governor also leads to confiscation of the driver’s license and impounding of the vehicle.


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