Would you loot if you could get away with it?

If your answer was straight up “no, absolutely not,” your parents raised you right, but if like me you hesitated over the no consequences part, you’re in good, or should I say bad company? Just to be clear, I’ve never looted or shoplifted and don’t intend to do so, and I’m not suggesting you do either! So what would I loot if I could get away with it? Surprisingly, it’s the little things and mostly food, surprise! So here goes. Nutella chocolate spread.  One of those things you’d love to have on the regular if only they weren’t so expensive. In fact, the last time I had any was several years ago and since then, I’ve had to settle for more affordable options because one jar of Nutella costs more than an entire week’s groceries. Onto Pringles, which I didn’t always like by the way because I found them too salty, but then they came up with all these amazing flavours like paprika and cheese that I just can’t have enough of but again, you can only afford a few at a time because they aren’t cheap either. So I’d get myself a whole range of flavours and munch away for days. Also on my list? Those delicious Shortcake biscuits and assorted butter cookies, which reminds me of boarding school where friendships were built, sealed or ended over those, depending on who was or wasn’t willing to share. Can’t forget coffee. Good coffee is expensive. Even the smallest pack, so I’d grab the biggest in stock though I finally beat my coffee addiction and switched to tea — but still pass by the beverage section from time to time to smell the coffee, literally.

I’d pick out some beauty and bath products as well.


Air freshener, a pair or two of silk sheets, shower gel, shampoo, a good deodorant that actually delivers on the 24 hour effect they promise, because majority of the cheap ones on the market don’t, and definitely one of those high-end perfumes brand ambassadors get for free but try to get us to buy. Well, that’s about it for me. I wonder what the rest of you would go for. I’ve heard of looters who tried to take cars, plasmas, furniture, clothes and such. In fact, Apple had to reinforce security measures after iPhones and other devices were stolen from their display windows. They’ve since asked for the items to be returned and even threatened to track the phones or alert the authorities but I doubt that will happen. I think Tim Cook and company should just give the looters a break.



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