Working under water

Are you looking for a cool job? Then you will love the cool water jobs that you can do under water, that is, the lake, ocean or sea.  There are so many jobs that water lovers can embrace and enjoy. From underwater diving to waitressing in an underwater restaurant or hotel, the flood of options is limitless – whoever said that ‘the sky is the limit’ did not know about water.

So what jobs can you find in that wide, mysterious expanse of water?  One sure one is for engineers that need to build and fix structures such as bridges, underwater structures, oil rig channels and transport systems for trains or cars, to mention but a few.  Prime examples of road tunnels include the 9.6 kilo meter Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line road tunnel which is the longest one in the entire world and the Thames tunnel which is the oldest. A specific type of worker called a welder is responsible for fixing broken parts of the aforementioned structures. Guess what he uses? Electricity! How does that work? You may wonder; apparently there is a tool called an ‘electricity arc’ that allows to use the necessary electricity without the getting electrocuted.


Another fascinating profession in the water includes underwater photo or videography where you can capture all sorts of marvelous images, either as still photographs or for videos that could be used in ocean life documentaries, research, and environmental conservation, or for movies that include underwater scenes. Or you could become an underwater model and train to pose in the water.


Underwater tourism is a different area that employs so many diverse categories of professionals. If you fancy swimming with the dolphins, or for the more adventurous, the sharks, you do need a tour guide to swim you to and through the whole experience. The tour guides can also share the wondrous scenes of untouched nature, the scintillating colours and the brilliant shows that are wonderfully executed by the various sea creatures.


How marvelous it is to dine under the water in an underwater water restaurant? The experience of having all manner of water creatures swimming around you is truly phenomenal. Of course that calls for waiters who are experienced in working underwater. All these are job options for you, just under the water. So why don’t you dive in?

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