What is Jay Polly’s fate?

Local rapper Jay Polly is in a pickle; prosecution has asked for a two-year jail sentence following allegations that he battered his wife, breaking three of her teeth. The fight ensued at their home after a night out.


We recently reported that the rapper’s wife, Sharifa Uwimbabazi, was not ready to forgive him and that she was playing it safe by keeping her distance.


The news of the singer’s arrest has left many wondering if the renowned rapper will be taking up residence in a jail cell soon. We will keep you posted.



Wizkid’s fashion venture in play

Nigerian singer Wizkid has ventured into the fashion world. He opened up a pop-up store for his clothing line in New York. TheOjuelegba singer has named the store “Starboy pop-up store” with a collection dubbed Starboy.

Via his Instagram page, the singer revealed that he would be at the store to meet fans and also shared photos of the store, which was already filled with items for fans to purchase at the launch.

The designed apparel include, branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and many other clothes that showcase his sense of style.


Cindy speaks out on loopholes in the music industry

Former Blu 3 member and self-proclaimed dance hall queen, Cindy Sanyu, has come out to criticise some areas of the current Ugandan music industry saying that people who cannot sing are getting massive airplay only because their pockets are heavy.

She says it is not about talent anymore, unlike back in the day when musicians had to work so hard to earn their place at the top of the music industry in Uganda.

“Unlike before, in the current music industry, anyone can sing as long as they have money to pay for airplay. It’s no longer about talent. These days, it’s easy to find a musician who can’t sing (live), can’t write songs or play any instrument but when their music is at the top. All one does is to pay for airplay,” she said.

“We had to compete against the likes of Juliana Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru, among others, to earn respect. But not anymore. Music is now about paying for airplay…not talent.”


Desire Luzinda is quitting music

Ugandan songstress Desire Luzinda says she is dropping the music mic after years in the music industry.

The Ekitone singer has announced that she will be releasing her last music album Transition on August 23.

Desire took to Instagram to reveal that the album chronicles her journey of transformation to the woman she is now, and she co-produced it.

The singer was thrust into the limelight in the early 2000s with the release of songs like Mubiite and Nyumirwa Nyo.

In her career, she has released a number of hit songs that include, Nina Omwami, Naye nga lwaki, Guntawanya, Nyumirwa Nyo, Fitting, among others.

She has also been marred with controversy, with the most outstanding one being the release of her nude photos in 2014 by her ex boyfriend.

However, going by comments on social media platforms like Facebook, this could very well be attention-seeking behaviour common in celebrities, so time will tell.


Charly na Nina moving to Uganda?

Rwandan duo Charly na Nina have enjoyed massive success in the music industry. However, they’ve also had their share of ups and downs.

After five eventful years under the management of Decent Entertainment, in February this year, the duo announced they were walking away to try it on their own.

They announced the surprise move in a joint statement that was posted on their social media handles.

Decent Entertainment is a local music label owned by renowned musician manager Alex Muyoboke.

They have made some great music with Ugandan artistes like Geo Steady who worked with them onOwooma, and Bebe Cool, who featured them on his jam,I do, among others. They have also worked with Ugandan producers and won hearts of the Ugandan music audience.

Word on the street is that the girls seem to have fallen in love with Uganda, and plan to set up a permanent home there.

The two have reportedly been living in Makindye, Kampala for the better part of this year and are working on more music in Uganda.

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