Is ‘Just Family’ splitting, again?

Music group, Just Family, made their mark years ago, but later had a number of disagreements that led to their collapse in 2016.

That same year, the group decided to reunite and took on another member identified as Chris Lion. The group worked hard and even secured a place in this year’s Primus Guma-Guma Super Star competition. Unfortunately, they came in 10th place.

However, word reaching us is that Chris has decided to go his separate ways. What is not yet clear is why he made this decision.


Is this the beginning of the end for the group, again?

Meddy’s ‘secret relationship’ exposed

Rwandan US-based singer Meddy got a little more attention than he anticipated on his birthday, thanks to one Mimi’s Instagram post, suggesting their relationship.

It is said that the two have been secretly dating and that it started after Mimi featured in the singer’s Ntwamusimbura video. Snoops say that they decided to keep their relationship private and avoid attention.

However, as the singer celebrated his 30th birthday this week, Mimi, from Ethiopia, couldn’t conceal her love any further and posted on her Instagram page saying; #Mutima wange #Ndagukunda B-day Boy, tagging the singer.

The post comes a few days after the two were reportedly spotted on the sandy beaches of Mexico on vacation.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we will keep an eye out. Wedding bells might just follow.

Jay Polly’s wife not ready to forgive him

Local rapper Jay Polly was recently detained for beating his wife Sharifa Uwimbabazi. The news went viral sparking outrage among his fans and many other Rwandans who follow them.

The singer reportedly beat Uwimbabazi and broke three of her teeth, and smashed her mobile phone into pieces. The fight ensued at their home after a night out. Following this, the musician was questioned and held at the police station in Remera, Kigali.

Friends close to the two told snoops that they are trying to get the two on talking terms again, but with no success. It is said that Uwimbabazi is playing it safe and keeping her distance, and is not ready to forgive the artiste just yet. 

Even though nobody knows what exactly transpired, or what led the artiste to such appalling actions, the question on everybody’s lips is, will she take him back? We will keep you posted.

Vanessa Mdee opens up about boyfriend, says they are power couple

Speaking during a recent interview, Tanzanian songbird Vanessa Mdee revealed that sharing ideas with her ‘bae’ and fellow artist Juma Jux is the key ingredient to making them a power couple.

The petite artiste who’s currently promoting her album In Love and Money, described Juma as her bestie who made the album possible.

The couple had a rough patch in 2017 after rumours that Mdee cheated on Juma Jux emerged. The pretty artiste refuted those claims stating that their breakup had to do with communication. ‘’Sometimes I would send him (Jux) a text message at 6am but he would reply at 12 noon. If the platform of sending the text was WhatsApp, I would see two blue ticks on our chat thread, which indicate the recipient of the message actually read the text and at what time he did so. Most of the instances, he read the texts a few minutes after I had sent them. Sometimes I would enquire if he had eaten, and he would give me a curt response. Such habits communicated that our relationship was undergoing a turbulent phase,” said Mdee. It was at that point the Tanzanian artiste decided to call it quits after she felt Jux no longer needed her in his life. A year later, the couple rekindled their love.

Is A Pass moving to Rwanda?

Ugandan singer A Pass, real name Alexander Bagonza, announced to music fans this week that he will be leaving the country to continue his life in Rwanda.

“My decision is final, I have decided to leave Uganda and start a new life in Rwanda; they will love me more that side. Ugandans don’t love me they just diss me yet I’m the best they’ve ever had, I am tired of crying everyday #ByeByeUganda #Mummy,” he wrote on Twitter.

It is said that one of the singer’s parents is of Rwandan descent. However, many say that this is just another attention seeking attempt that many celebrities resort to.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.