Urukerereza troupe.

Who’s next in the ‘vanish abroad’ pattern?

Dancers of Urukerereza, a popular traditional troupe, ‘disappeared’ at a show in Brussels, Belgium, where they were invited along with famous rhythm and blues singer, Yvan Buravan.

We are told that the troupe performed at Birmingham Palace in Brussels, but about four members of the troupe disappeared upon getting there.

In 2015, two members from the same troupe vanished when they went for another show in Italy.

Just a few months ago, two members of Rwanda’s athletics team disappeared at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

What is going on? Your guess is as good as ours.


Sepetu escapes jail term

Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu will not be going to jail after all; she managed to raise a bond of TSh 2 million after she was found guilty of possession and illegal use of marijuana. Sepetu was to serve a one-year jail term in case she was unable to pay the hefty amount. The case was heard at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court and the ruling was made by Resident Magistrate Thomas Simba on Friday, July 20.  Wema and several other celebrities were ambushed by police and searched for drugs as the Tanzanian government launched its fight against drugs.


All set for Aurore Kayibanda wedding

Former Miss Rwanda Aurore Kayibanda will soon be officially married.  We are told that Kayibanda will have a civil wedding in the United States where she and her fiancé are currently based. Kayibanda, who was Miss Rwanda 2012, is set to get married to Egide Mbabazi, a Rwandan photographer.  Mbabazi proposed to the former beauty queen at the Grand Canyon National Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February this year. Kayibanda shared a short video clip on Instagram that excited her followers showing the two boarding a red helicopter to the park. Sources indicate that parents of the two have already been flown to the US to witness the civil wedding of their children.

However, word has it that the two are planning to have their traditional and religious wedding ceremonies in Rwanda.


Grace Nakimera gives back

As is the trend of Ugandan celebrities venturing into philanthropy to help the disadvantaged, musician Grace Nakimera is no stranger to charity and giving back to the community.

The singer who has been missing on the Ugandan music scene for a while put music on pause to pursue philanthropy and has moved to almost fully completing a structure to house discriminated albinos who are homeless in Iganga District.

She formerly started the ‘Feed the Street Foundation’ whose prime objective was to provide shelter for the homeless, less privileged and the discriminated among them, albinos.


Fik Fameica prefers Madoxx over Bebe Cool

It is well known that Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool is a fan of Fik Fameica’s (also from Uganda) music since he has openly come out to acknowledge him and his music. This could have left their fans thinking maybe there will be a collabo between the two in the near future.

Fans could be disappointed after Fik Fameica confessed to having an urge to work with legendary Ugandan reggae artiste Madoxx Sematimba. While having an interview on radio, he said he would rather work with Madoxx than Bebe Cool.

It is said that Madoxx has previously turned down Fik Fameica’s pleas to have a collabo with him. His pleas have fallen on deaf ears but maybe his public admiration for Madoxx could eventually win him that collabo.

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