Is TBB getting back together?

Last year was not a very good year for Rwanda’s  music, going by the series of breakups in the industry. First was Urban Boys who shocked their fans when one member, Safi Madiba, publicly announced that he was no longer with the group.

Then there was TBB. The boy band shocked fans last year when they parted ways after their maiden Primus Guma-Guma Super Star appearance the previous year.

Previously, the group’s members were MC Tino, Bob Steve and Benjamin Kagorora. When they separated, they all pursued solo careers. However, we are told that the members are now considering reuniting.

Snoops tell us that the group plans to come up with a different name, and it might only have Bob Steve and Kagorora. The two are reportedly working together and even recently released a new song dubbed Baby Love.

Word has it that Tino is still reluctant to be part of the reunion, but their fans already seem to be enjoying the comeback. We wish them the best.


Mowzey Radio’s properties named

Top musician Weasel Manizo has had a hard time trying to protect his former duo-mate Mowzey Radio who died back in February.

From fighting with the deceased vocalist’s brother to fighting with fans, it has been a tough time for Weasel. However, the Tokyayitaba singer remains unshaken on his decision to hand over the property to Mowzey’s children since that is why they were singing and spending sleepless nights in studio in the first place.

Here’s a look at the property that Mowzey left behind that has caused a lot of fights.

Mowzey Radio owned 3 estates in Entebbe behind Serena.

He also had a house at the lake side in Entebbe which was still under construction.

He owned land and a house in Rwanda.

He owned a farm in Kayunga where his brother is doing plantation.

He owned land in Kagga.

Owned land in Jinja and a house for rentals.

Owned land where he was planning to put a beach along River Nile.

He had over 8 cars and owned rentals in Entebbe as well.

Interestingly Weasel owns properties in almost all the above places. He also owns land in Kagga which he decided to give to Radio’s family.


Is Shaddy Boo engaged?

Rwandan socialite Shaddy Boo has once again found her way back to the gossip mill. The mother of two got her followers’ attention after one of her pictures posted on Instagram made rounds on the Internet. In the picture, the socialite looked like she’d been given an engagement ring by an unidentified man.

But we are told that there is a possibility that the two were merely out to get people talking. Well, let’s wait and see. 


Harmonize secretly weds

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Harmonize is said to be officially off the market. The WCB artiste is rumoured to have secretly walked down the aisle with his lady, Sarah Michelotti, in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania.

News about the wedding was leaked in a Tanzanian tabloid.

Harmonize says the function was discreet because it was a sacred thing.

However, the wedding sparked controversy after social media was lit with reports that the singer only dated Michelotti for financial benefits.

Harmonize, however, refuted the claims saying that he did not care what people said or thought.

The artiste said he loves his wife very much and that is all that matters.

‘’People are free to talk. They will talk but all I know is that I love my wife and I’m enjoying my life,’’ he said.


Beef over? Ali Kiba, Diamond share stage in UK

With the rate at which fate is bringing their paths together, Kiba and Chibu will be forced to bury their beef permanently soon.

Turns out the two bongo artistes shared a stage while performing in UK recently. Ali Kiba and Diamond were hosted by ShiiKANE, a Nigerian UK based trio made up of three sisters.

Kiba and Diamond have in the recent past met during Grace Masogange’s funeral where Diamond extended an olive branch by extending a handshake to Kiba whom he also congratulated during his wedding.

It is not clear where this could be going but rumours have it that the two may be working together on a project under Diamond’s Wasafi TV.

The two have been at each other’s necks for a plethora of reasons fired up by competition.

Other artistes they hope to work with also include Sauti Sol, Victoria Kimani and MDQ.


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