Dj Pius signals his fraught relationship with wife

Singer and deejay Pius has come out again to talk about his current relationship with wife, Ange Umulisa. The story of the two separating had taken the internet by storm just few weeks ago when the two deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram accounts.

Their fans have been throwing a lot of criticism to the two partners. Recently, the singer finally signaled that the two partners’ relationship has indeed been characterised by disagreements.

The former Two4Real member was speaking on a show at Radio Rwanda and although he did not directly say whether the two separated completely, he did say that anyone can divorce anytime. This turned out to be a signal that the two may have made up their mind to part ways, but it is yet to be clear until it is proven true.

The two got married back in 2014.

Whatever happens we wish DJ Pius and Ange the best.

Dad advises Weasel on love 

Over the weekend as Ugandan singer Weasel went to baptise yet another child from a different woman, his father advised him to embrace holy matrimony and stop playing around with different women with whom he fathers children.

Weasel’s father had escorted him during the baptism ceremony that took place at a local church in Kampala. His father reportedly disclosed to him how he is sick and tired of always escorting him to baptize children from different mothers whom he’s not officially married to.

After naming the child, the former member of Radio and Weasel group assured his father that he was going to take on the issue of holy matrimony seriously.

We’ll keep our eye on this! 

Female rapper Fearless dumps Lil P

The news of female rapper Fearless dumping her longtime lover, Lil P, has been a hot topic in the local showbiz industry, at least for a few days now.

Lil P, a UK-based Rwandan rapper, has been in an exciting  relationship with Fearless for nearly six years, until this year when stories started emerging that the two were finally separating.

Information from credible sources indicate that the Rwandan female rapper is now eyeing a white guy with whom they actually plan to live together as wife and husband. It is not clear when and how Fearless jumped into a new relationship only days after she separated from Lil P.

But word has it that Fearless decided to dump Lil P due to money matters. The female rapper came out to announce to the media that she was definitely alone with no any relationship. But what we know so far is that she’s actually not alone.

The truth is that Fearless is currently dating an unidentified white guy who close sources say has got some dime, which they suspect is one of the main reasons why the female musician decided to date him. It is not official whether the two will wed each other, but some suggest  that they have a secret plan.

We shall bring you the latest about this!

Is Wizkid, Tiwa Savage having an affair?

Fans of Nigerian music icons, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid, are speculating over the true nature of their relationship as both artists share their photos on social media.

As rumours sweep across the internet that they might be more than friends, Tiwa and Wizkid are making fans believe it might be true. They shared one of adorable yet odd photo of them together and captioned it with a cryptic message.

In the photo shared on Tiwa’s Instagram page, she’s seen sitting on the blade of a plane, while Wizkid stands and poses. She captioned it: “If you ready let me hear you say YEAH YEAH. And Wizkid responded with a similar photo on his Instagram account: “YEAH Yeah!

We will keep you posted!


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