Will the Salax awards make a difference on their return?

Rwanda’s only annual music awards, Salax Awards, recently returned, after they were called off in 2016.

The local awards dedicated to recognising best performing artistes every year are now under a new management Ahupa Discount Cards Ltd, after the seventh edition of the awards was unveiled last week.

Sharon Kantengwa asked artistes and music fans whether the awards will live up to their expectations and last the distance.

It’s a big opportunity for all musicians as they will be recognised for their effort in the industry, which will in turn motivate them to work harder and music fans will also get value for their money. So, I think that the awards are worth it.

Oda Paccy, hip hop artiste


The awards are of great importance to the artistes. In Rwanda, most artistes put money first which should not always be the case but if you get awards, money will follow.

For example I was nominated for the Afrobeat category, and if I win, the award will speak for me as and it will increase my value and my fan base will also grow.

MC Tino, afro-beat singer


I am hoping that the new management of Salax Awards will do a good job in exhibiting fairness and support these awards.

We have seen many instances where the awards have merely brought confusion and wrangle within the industry. The awards are however long overdue, as Rwandan artistes need them for motivation and but also showcase their talent.

Doreen Mutesi, music fan


Organisers need a bit more professionalism when organising these awards and I hope that the new management will bring about change. The awards should not just be about dishing out money, but they need to encourage competitiveness as well.

That is the only way society will benefit from them. The fact that many artistes have already begun pulling out from the awards shows a loophole. Organisers need to do better.


 Seth Uwizeye, music fan