Will K-Club lifestyle, The Junction re-open?

Inside K-Club. Net photo

The popular K-Club nightspot in Nyarutarama, and its sister establishment, The Junction Lounge and Restaurant, located in Remera have been out of operation for a while now.

Frequent clubbers to the two entertainment spots have, however, had to learn this the hard way, since no word about the closures was put out by management.

This has fuelled speculation in Kigali nightlife circles that the two establishments could have closed shop. There was similar speculation about K-Club in October last year, when the facility shut down, until it later emerged that the closure was for purposes of renovation.

The bar area at the Junction Lounge. Net photo

In February this year, the club re-launched with a bang, acquiring the new name, K-Club Lifestyle.

Speaking about the latest closures, the owner, Emile Murego, allayed fears that K-Club Lifestyle and The Junction Lounge and Restaurant were closing shop.

In an exclusive interview with The New Times Thursday, Murego revealed that both nightspots were closed for renovations and that they would soon be back in business, but that The Junction Lounge and Restaurant was under new management after he sold it off.

“I am no longer running it (The Junction). It was acquired by two business partners who have closed it for renovations before they could soon start operating,” he said.

As for K-Club Lifestyle, Murego explained that it too was undergoing renovation, and that it would be reopened next Saturday, October 27.