Why Rwandans are embracing the culture of gifting flowers?

In most countries, especially in the west, irrespective of the occasion, location, time, or person to whom a gift is thought of, for that matter, flowers are a perfect bet for gifting.

In Rwanda, gifting flowers is a growing practice, and many florists have seized the opportunity to make a living. Sharon Kantengwa asked what the right occasion to gift flowers is and why Rwandans are embracing the culture.

I gift flowers to a new mother, a friend’s birthday whom I am sure loves flowers, alongside other gifts, and to the sick. In Rwanda, women have mostly embraced the culture and I don’t think it is a men’s thing yet, in fact I have seen some men get surprised when one receives flowers.

Axelle Umutesi, public relations officer


Flowers work for all occasions including birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and homecoming. Rwandans have embraced this culture widely and so I think in our culture it symbolises love.

Hope Annet, marketing officer


I know so many friends, who love flowers and I wouldn’t mind giving them flowers but in my opinion I wouldn’t want someone to buy me flowers, because they wither and are thrown away, more so, I wouldn’t appreciate them if they came from a man. I would love a gift that can give me lasting memories.

Melvin Ayebare, businessman


Flowers are a great gift idea but again, they are girly and requires hard work, because you need to know which colours represent what flower type is suitable for different occasions. I would rather save myself the hustle and buy something else that the recipient likes.

Steven Nkotanyi, photographer



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