Why reading with children is essential

Encourage children to read during their free time. Net photo

Kids do not have to learn everything from school, home should be the first school. Reading a book aloud with your child at an early age equips them with numerous values. For instance, it boosts a child’s vocabulary, helps them to understand different topics about the world. This is why you ought to read to your child daily;

Foundation of knowledge.Reading to your child broadens their understanding. Studies show that reading to babies and toddlers helps to prepare them for school and also gives them skills needed even before they start reading for themselves. It is through reading to them, that children improve on their literature.


Reading develops language skills. As you read to your child, they are exposed to vocabulary on different topics, this is a sign that they hear words or phrases which they may not hear in daily lives. The more words they know, the better. For children who speak more than one language, reading simplifies their language skills and develops their fluency.


Encourages urge for knowing.Reading to your children leads to questions about the book and the information within. It gives you a chance to speak about what is happening and use this as a learning experience. It may also develop an interest in different cultures or languages. It is joyous seeing a child love to learn. Providing your child with different types of books on different topics, or even in different languages for fluent kids, gives them a wide range of information for them to learn. Have a variety of books to read, for example, animals, places, food, movies, nature, religion and much more. Different books will teach a child about sharing, kindnesses, diversity, and prayer, among other traits.


Improves a child’s imagination and creativity.When you focus on a book, you are forced to imagine what the characters are doing and why they act that way. You even visualise the setting as reality. This keeps a child in suspense and eager to know what is to happen on the next page or chapter.

Helps to develop empathy. When you give a child a chance to meditate upon what is being read, they would want to put themselves in the shoes of the good character. They would yearn to help out others in real life. By doing so, a child is groomed even before you teach them about kindness.

Books are a form of entertainment. Apart from television and games, children want something that is fun and keeps them occupied, read to them funny books.

Creates a bond with your child. If you work or are always busy, you should spend some time reading with your child as it might strengthen the relationship, while you enjoy each other’s company and covering the gap of the time spent apart.

Improves memory. When a child is exposed to reading, they will be able to remember the previous chapter. This keeps them attentive to know the follow up.

Creates a good self-image.Kids who enjoy reading, rarely get issues of low self-esteem since they know what to say and when, and how to react to different situations.



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