Why a cross-body bag should make it to your collection

When it comes to fashion, many women like accessories that will make them ‘stand out’, and what better way is there to achieve this than holding a great bag?

With the different kinds of bags on the market, cross-body bags couldn’t have come at a better time.

For women who do not fancy holding handbags, the cross-body bag is perfect.

Cross-body bags are a good choice, especially when you need a break from most of the popular bags seen around; however, pulling it off fashionably comes with some rules.

Jacky Kwizera, a fashion stylish who owns a shoe shop in Gikondo market, says these bags have become popular and are very fashionable.

“Cross-body bags are a must-have for any woman who is in love with bags. They are easily worn and mostly go with casual outfits, especially on a night out,” she says.

She adds that for women who want a break from big handbags, a medium sized cross bag is the best option. 

The most casual look —top, jeans and sneakers — goes well with such bags.

“Casual dresses also look amazing paired with cross-body bags. To finish off the look, you can wear a pair of sandals in the same colour of the bag and throw on a denim jacket,” she adds.

The greatest thing about cross-body bags, fashionistas say, is that they can hold everything a woman needs with her, like a phone, lip balm, ATM card, among other things.

“This is different from carrying a large handbag, because one will need to have a small purse inside the large bag to carry lighter things, like money,” says Kwizera.

However, she warns that cross-body bags shouldn’t be over packed as that does not look good. This is why when using them, one needs to ensure that they carry only a few things.


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