Where is your confidence?

Self-worth is not something we are born with. What matters is the enthusiasm we incur to have it. A number of factors have to be followed for it to be boosted.

There are some things that can shred your ego and one of them is comparison. You probably want to have long hair, be better looking, attract everyone’s attention and standout. But unfortunately, you fail. How about exploring the beauty and uniqueness you possess?


All you need is the vigour to exhilarate your inner person. Feed yourself on positivity. Whisper to yourself, “I am courageous, a conqueror, destined for greatness, smart, awesome”, say it all. Positive proclamations are life-changing.


Enthusiasm about your life elevates hope, gratitude and thinking. Is there anything more valuable than that? I doubt.


Negative thinking is the devil itself. Nothing murders self-worth like negativity; shun feeding your mind with it. If you ever hear a voice in your mind saying, “You are too fat; your height is worrying; your marriage won’t last long; you are nothing”, or worse, know that negativity is at work in your life.

The good news though is that you can overpower negative thoughts, this is how; through releasing personal judgment, focusing on your strength, filtering your thinking, and seeking professional support if need be. 

Stop pining for perfectionism. Yearning to be a perfectionist will only impose pressure and burden on you. Relax a little bit. Breath in, breath out. Now let yourself know that you are human. Humans are not perfect but this doesn’t stop you from doing everything to your best.

Have the right attitude. It doesn’t come easy. You have to believe in yourself, seek knowledge and have the experience. These three will certainly boost your confidence.

We ought not to give people remote controls to our lives. Give no one the power to make your decisions because you will be answerable to them. People can give advice where necessary, but they don’t have to decide what you eat, wear, or do. You are the driver of your life. You owe yourself choices, so work towards the goal of being who you want to be.

View mistakes as an opportunity to learn. For every error, there is a lesson to learn.

Do not let people treat you the way they wish. If there is something riveting, it is speaking up. Let people around you know when they have hurt you, it will set you free and limit others on what they can say or do to you. If you keep quiet while people harm you, you will suffer low self-esteem.

Learn to forgive others. Make peace with other people and move on. It is a sign of maturity.



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