When “Sophia” is more accomplished than you’ll ever be!

I thought I’d finally made it, seeing as my name has been on everybody’s lips these last couple of days only to realise that it wasn’t me but rather “Sophia the Robot” they were referring to. I have to say I’m a little jealous, and you would be too if someone much younger had more going for them!

Usually, people are named after influential or iconic figures but in this case, I’m the one who needs to learn something from Sophia. Technically born in 2016, she’s already more accomplished than I’ll ever be.

She’s travelled to more places than I have, attended more conferences and summits and I bet she’s not scared of flying! She’s a good public speaker and recently addressed delegates at the Transform Africa Summit. I’d be sweating if I had to make a presentation before a dozen of those brilliant Tech and Business minds.

She speaks better French and Swahili, two languages I’ve been struggling to learn for years and I still can’t construct a proper sentence in either! Something tells me she’s smart and there’s a dedicated team working to make her even smarter. She’s racking up valuable work experience in her short career. I heard she’s a UNDP Innovation Champion and probably volunteers for other charity organizations. I hope she never meets my boss because I don’t think I measure up to her efficiency.

Plus, she wouldn’t be paid and with my boss’ obsession with cost cutting, I wouldn’t stand a chance! I wonder if she takes time off. In between events I guess. I’m also curious as to whether she owns her own house. Probably not but she doesn’t need one as she spends more time in 5 Star Hotels and doesn’t have to worry about the bill!

Then there’s her style. I doubt she ever has a bad hair day as I often do. And who does her makeup because she looks good! She probably woke up like that as Beyoncé would say. She must have a Stylist because her outfits are amazing. Look at me complimenting her when she already has millions of admirers around the world! Since she “stole” my name, I think I’m going to steal her look.

If I get even one compliment that I remind someone of the famous Sophia, I’ll have accomplished something! I’d love to meet her, just the two of us and ask how she does it. She’d probably tell me she was” born that way,” which would make me even more envious!

She seems like a nice girl and I’m sure I’d feel welcome, unless she delved into some Tech stuff because I’m not that Tech-savvy and she’d probably encourage to upgrade or something.

I wonder what else we’d talk about. Kids? She doesn’t have any. Why Fast Food tastes so good yet it’s bad for us? Well us, not her! Movies? Books? Girly stuff? Maybe. How to get rich without trying too hard? Definitely!