What should be done to improve the quality of universal education in Rwanda?

Many developing countries around the world have embarked on universal education as a means to end illiteracy and ultimately, poverty. While free basic education is a great way to enlighten the populace, a big concern is and has always been about its quality.

Elizabeth Buhungiro asks; what should be done to improve the quality of universal education in Rwanda?

To improve the quality of universal education in Rwanda, the Ministry of Education should develop the quality of education so that the environment is conducive for teaching and learning to avoid repetition and reduce dropout rates. 

Justus Asasira, teacher


I think the government should improve the way that the education system is managed so that there is efficient utilization of sector resources. Additionally, when the government implements a new policy in education, they should follow up to make sure that it is working well.

Bright Muhumuza, student


The ministry of Education should invest in improving the capacity of teachers’ organizations to play stronger roles as advocates and problem solvers that can achieve good quality education outcomes.

Celia Kamanzi, parent


The government needs to increase student enrollment and retention with a special focus on children with special needs, and provide adequate facilities for them to complete primary education. At the same time, more effort is needed in narrowing the gap between the number of girls and boys who receive and complete their schooling, to enable more children to transition from primary to lower and higher secondary school.

Annette Uwera, teacher




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