What is our role in building the nation?

The youth. We are the ones to build our country because we are the future.

We are the ones to fight for our country because we contributed to the evils in the past. We can be transformers and put ideas into action. We are the ones to build our country because it comes with a lot of hard work, and we shouldn’t expect anyone else to carry out that hard work for us.

No it doesn’t work like that.  We, as the youth, why don’t we learn from our past and make the future better?

Most of us believe that technology will do every single thing for us, but l ask myself, why?

Rwandan youth should brainstorm and see how and what we can contribute, using the education we are given; and make our motherland more attractive than it already is.

What we see today is the result of other people who joined effort and built the nation. They weren’t forced to do it, they took it as their responsibility as patriots and made it happen.

Why are we hiding? Do we not believe in ourselves? Fellow youth, we should not accept this. Make it happen.