What next after high school?

Students should use their free time to engage in hobbies, like photography. Net photo.

When one finishes high school, the thrill of being exposed to the outside world is exciting and intimidating at the same time. When I was still enclosed by the walls of my high school, all I could think about was the moment I could finally breathe the ‘outside air’ where people are on their feet, trying to obtain a living and be independent.

Although I was genuinely delighted and enthusiastic about finishing a long chapter of my life, the thought of the impending period ahead frightened me just a bit. What next, was the recurring question looping around my head.

I guess it is safe to say that this question is one that aids us to not feel like finishing high school is the only accomplishment in life. This question is one that lets us indulge ourselves in other activities that can not only determine our future endeavours, but keep us occupied as well. Keeping the youth, such as myself, occupied prevents the mind from being idle, for as they say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. It also keeps us away from things that prevent our growth intellectually, such us drugs and other misleading habits.

I am currently working at The New Times Publications as an intern. I find this opportunity very beneficial because it will boost my writing skills, enhance my knowledge about various things around me and keep me positively occupied. For those who have recently finished high school, or those who are yet to finish, I believe being divulged to the outside world of labour and hard work provides one with experience that will be helpful during the job seeking periods.

It not only helps one get accustomed to the work environment, but it also gives you an upper hand as opposed to those who choose to just sit around.

There are plenty of activities a post graduate of high school could get themselves involved in. It could be making use of your talent, such as joining a church choir. It could be practicing hospitality skills where one would work for a restaurant. One could also be a cashier at a local store around the area. Instilling a good work ethic in the youth is the main focus at hand, it doesn’t really matter the area in which one is working. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so being thrown into a fast pace environment of hard work and diligence ensures a bright future for our home and nation.