What the heart wants

There’s no harm in trying your luck, you have nothing to lose. Net photo

Is it in any way possible that we sometimes remain stuck with people and relationships that block us from our destiny? Is it possible that when you think your destiny is with the person you are with it could be with a totally different person? My friend Gladys moved in with two men over a period of five years and in both cases she was unable to conceive. Because of that, the first man chased her out of his home and the second one walked out on her to be with another woman who could bear him children. Gladys didn’t give up on life, she decided third time could be the charm and indeed it was. She got married again and gave birth to six children.

The first lady of America Melania Trump recently concluded her tour of Africa that took her to Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. When Melania met Donald Trump she was a model and he was a business mogul. She had never been married while he was twice divorced. She found Trump with children and now is raising one she got with him. I watched a few videos of Melania arriving in these countries and regardless of what people thought and probably still think of her, she is living life as a First Lady. I have heard people being told not to get close to divorced people. An interested man or woman will be told to dig deep and find out what really happened, why did that person move out of a relationship, could it have been their fault? Most of it would be discouraging sentiments. I wonder if Mrs. Trump was once told things such as ‘he is arrogant, boisterous, does not know how to treat women and has been married before’. In case she was told, it is obvious she chose to ignore and going by where she is today it would not surprise me if a few people that tried to discourage her then are trying to befriend her now. Such is the world.

Another good example is Graca Machel. I imagine if Graca had listened to people’s stories she would not have married Nelson Mandela. But she did, and not only was she married to two great men, she went ahead to make history by becoming the only woman to be married to two presidents and to serve as First Lady of two countries (Mozambique and South Africa). Why should I marry a divorced person when I can wait on for my person who has never been married? Hmmmm you wait!

In the process of finding the right person for us we may go through a lot of pressure, ridicule, advice, fear, terror and some discouraging voices. What is certain is that every one of us has that person that was created for them and you can run and hide but one day if you’re lucky you will end up in their arms.

As you search for your Mr or Mrs Right, my advice is to ignore the naysayers. Some people will tell you not to look at a certain woman or man because they are above (or below) your ‘league’ but I encourage you to try. There’s no harm in trying your luck, you have nothing to lose. Yes, you might be rejected but so what, who says it will be the end of the world? Forge forward, tell that person you love them and forget what they have been through before since he/she might be your destiny!

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