What causes January blues and how can people cope?

The festive season is behind us and lights have been dimmed.

For many, a return to ‘normal’ life can seem a bit grim because many people are salaried workers who are paid early in December and struggle to have money last throughout January.

Sharon Kantengwa asked some people the cause of January blues and some tips on how to overcome them.

I think that the biggest reason why people go through January blues is because they have not set their priorities straight.

A lot of people overspend during the festive season and forget about tomorrow.

I’ve been there before, and I decided never to be broke in January. How? By paying all my bills and putting aside money for January.

When the festive season is over, nobody will be impressed by what you were drinking or eating. What’s is more impressive is how life continues without struggling, borrowing or getting into debts.

There is a saying that if you keep on buying things that you don’t need you will start selling things that you need to keep up. It’s wise to enjoy the festive season while also spending responsibly.

Claudine Utuje, make-up artiste


Since most people start off the New Year with New Year resolutions, if they spent January executing their resolutions, they wouldn’t be affected by January blues.

Keeping yourself busy is the only solution but also, saving and avoiding over spending during the holidays. That will prevent being broke in January

Diane Iriza, business reporter


January blues is brought about by the festive season as it is celebrated differently from the other seasons of the year.

 Also not accomplishing your previous year’s resolutions can be quite depressing as you begin the year.

However, doing exercises can boost your mood and energise your spirits but people also need to be more social with friends around them. Get out of the house and move around, watch nature. 

Geofrey Beingana, pharmacist


I think it is because we live in times when people think that enjoying the festive season (Christmas and New Year’s) means spending a lot.

Like we need to go and cook expensive stuff, get new clothes, travel, and drink a lot, and then we add all these parties and concerts that happen so everything is all about the pocket.

This becomes a challenge when it comes to the beginning of the year, as you have to pay rent and take children to school.

 To avoid this, people need to change mindsets about how they celebrate this festive season and that life continues after the festive season. If they understand that, it will be easy for them to celebrate within their means and at the end, it won’t affect them in January.

David Kinzuzi, co-founder ‘My Green Home Project’







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