What are you lazy at?

I wouldn’t say I’m lazy in the true sense of the word but I have productive and lazy days. There are many times I tick off everything on my to-do list and at the end of a work day, I feel accomplished. But there’re also days I just want to lay in bed doing absolutely nothing, especially in this hot weather. 

The heat, thirst and dust makes me wish I could just stay home all day but with bills and responsibilities, I know I must get up and be productive or else! I’m just glad I don’t have one of those jobs that require one to stay on their feet all day or night. You have to feel for waiters, security guards and traffic guys. 


I think I’d faint on the job! I also have a lot of respect for teachers and anyone whose job it is to watch young kids. Older children, aged 10 or above can help around the house but babies and toddlers need your undivided attention. You can’t say you’re done unless they fall asleep and at that age, some don’t even sleep through the night! 


The multiple feedings, changing them and keeping them safe because the second you take your eyes off them, they could touch this and that or put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t. Childcare really is demanding and I don’t know how people with scores of children do it.


I don’t have a lot of chores to do around the house because I don’t have a big family but still, I find myself having to put off certain chores, convincing myself that I’ll do them over the weekend when I have more time only for said Weekend to come around and I want to sleep in after a long week and before I know it, it’s Monday and I didn’t get much done! I don’t mind doing dishes, in fact it’s one of my favourite chores. 

Can’t say the same for cooking. I actually dread it even though I’m such a foodie but if I could eat out all the time, I would! Sometimes I have fresh groceries but opt for a snack instead because the entire process of making a healthy meal is just too long and arduous! The other chore I’m not keen on is laundry. 

There have been times I’ve paid someone to do it but you know how some people just don’t do a good job and you kind of wish you’d just done it yourself. I really should get a washing machine. If only they were affordable! The thing with laundry is that I tend to put it off for as long as I can, which I wouldn’t advise anyone to do because eventually, you have to get round to it and overflowing laundry baskets are not a good sight. I’m very deliberate when buying clothes these days. I go for light material for obvious reasons. 

Easy to clean and iron. I’ve heard of people who just toss their dirty laundry in the trash can because they can’t be bothered to clean it. Here’s why I wouldn’t do that. Clothes cost money but that aside, I’m a hoarder and sometimes you just like certain pieces because they’re a good fit. You can’t just throw everything away!

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